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Luxury living and houses are a rising trend in the real estate segment. With several options in hand, it becomes crucial to research and compare the offerings based on some vital checkpoints.

Extravagant living is every individuals dream, and in the last few years, real estate developers have recognized and designed projects based on buyers sentiments. This has led to the introduction of a completely new segment in this industry called luxury residential projects. This segment consists of the high-end residential complex that offers the buyer unique and appealing features. Trends depict that buyers are increasingly considering this segment worldwide. Thus, it is on a boom.

Imagine living in a home that offers a beautiful bird-eye view of the city or the sea. For some, living in natures lap could be a luxury, and thus, there is something that would appeal to an individual depending on how he wants to spend his leisure time. Luxury homes are also a status symbol and render an exclusive, sophisticated lifestyle.

If you are searching for the best residential complex in India , you will find several options in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, etc. This is because of rapid economic growth in these cities and the increasing inclination of individuals towards abundant living. Today, people have higher disposable income, and the lower bank loan interest rates it has given a spurt in the real estate industry.

To invest in the right luxury project, there are specific points that you should consider. This would help you choose a residential property that would match your lifestyle and let you have a great living experience with your family.


Location is a crucial parameter when buying property. A location in the city center that is easily accessible and has a posh neighborhood is a requisite when opting for luxury living. Proximity to schools, business zones, airports, and entertainment zones defines a prime location. A developer may bring a project to a location expected to grow in the near future but make sure you in vest here only when you can wait for the time horizon. Do not buy in such locations if you plan to shift as soon as possible. Let the location be appropriately developed so that you do not have to face issues like security concerns, commuting, etc.

The density of the Complex

Luxury projects need to be low density. High-density projects kill exclusivity, ambience, and convenience. So, whenever you shortlist the luxury apartments, check the per acre density. Ideally, a luxury development has an occupancy of not more than 60 families per acre. Therefore, put some effort into researching such details.

Amenities inside the complex

The luxury tag itself signifies amenities. Large, open green areas, roof-top gardens, and party places; attractive, theme-based facade, high-speed branded elevators, larger living space inside the house with all possible ultra-modern facilities are a must. Well-maintained society compound with an in-house club or gym area are a few checkpoints you should consider. Some projects also offer shops that cater to daily needs so that you do not have to run to the market to buy small household items. Some developers who wish to offer the best-in-class facilities go a step further and offer facilities like spas, dedicated pet areas, sports facilities, and so on.

Flat/House layouts

When you buy a luxury apartment, you should also expect an excellently designed space inside. These days, developers work with eminent architects and interior designers who know how to make the best use of space. Designing a house is not a cakewalk. It needs to be done the right way so that every house in the complex enjoys the best living experience. Thus, when considering options, check out the sizes and layouts in advance.

Builder credentials

There are many developers in the present scenario. This can make the choice complex since every builder would offer something unique and tempting. However, do not overlook the builders credibility in this process. Remember, only a reliable developer with clean history can keep his promises for the future. So, choose wisely and invest in the right project.

Check the paperwork carefully

Even if you are dealing with the best-in-class developer, do not ignore the importance of paperwork. The documents and sale deed are all you have in case any issue arises in the future. So, if you havent checked the papers before signing and are now in difficulty, you cannot prove anything against the wrong done to you. Therefore, read the document provided by the builder carefully and check for points that both parties have agreed to verbally. A respectable builder keeps the documentation transparent and is determined to make promises and keep them forever; for them, long-term association, brand image, and customer delight are of utmost importance.

If you are in Gujarat and wish to buy a house in a new residential complex in Rajkot, you can find some of the best luxury projects that offer modern facilities and an opulent living style.

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